A Garage Door is more than a Door.

It affects the overall look and feel of your home,

You do your best to make your home an extension and reflection of you and your family. Even though garage doors hardly ever escape our subconscious when we look at our own houses multiple times a day, those who come over or pass by tend to notice garage doors before they notice anything else — especially if something is amiss.
But much more importantly than that, garage doors serve a functional purpose for your home (and cars) by adding security and efficiency. A variety of garage doors exist on the market today, ranging from fully customized to factory built. Our experts are seasoned in the practice of sorting through the details unique to your situation and arriving at the right fit for you, you home, and most importantly, your family.

Custom vs. Factory Built

Custom doors are typically wooden — this allows craftsman to combine different features, whether it be wood grains or patterns, to different finishes and stains. Their versatility makes them popular, and not only can they take on the personality of the home, but they can truly define it. Additionally, custom wood doors give your home a warm, natural, inviting feel. Wood doors can be easily made to standard sizes and accommodate any custom size, and even the simplest styles can be enhanced with beautiful accents and accessories.
Factory doors offer less customization options because they are mass-produced, but have other benefits. For example, while custom doors tend to be wooden, you can instead find factory doors made of steel, vinyl, wood composites, and wood itself. When it comes to color and style, you will have a variety of options, but those options are fairly pre-set. Many of our customers opt to buy a factory-built door and then paint the door themselves if the color isn’t quite to their liking but the price and material is what they are looking for.
At One Garage Doors we offer a selection of aluminum and steel doors that are superior to the standard aluminum doors installed by your average home builder. While the price is almost the same. The quality, is worlds apart. This allows you to customize the door without “breaking the bank”. Whether its adding windows, insulation or choosing different stamping styles, we will give you all the options and information you need to choose the best door that fits your needs.


The thicker the door, the more insulation it provides and the more you save on your electric bill. Even without insulation, our doors are already thicker than your common builder’s door. If your door faces the sun, or has a bedroom above it, we recommend adding insulation.we can suggest weatherproofing seals and thresholds to add extra protection.

Attached Garage Doors

Keep in mind that an attached garage door is an extension of your home — any temperature changes it experiences will also affect the temperatures of the attached rooms, as well as the overall temperature of your home. An insulated, efficient door can help you maintain the temperature control in your home, helping you save on energy costs.


Whatever door you decide to go with; white, brown, insulated etc. you should know you are in great hands, we normally have everything in stock and are ready to install same day. Our door are all made in the USA and come with lifetime warranty.